Artificial Intelligence (AI) Technology

The pandemic and widespread adoption of technology in healthcare has ushered in a sea change in India and around the world according to the market research. The healthcare sector in India has begun to integrate Artificial Intelligence across the healthcare value chain, from patient care to medical management to disease prevention.

AI is being widely used as a tool for case assessments to support specialists such as doctors and radiologists. According to NASSCOM research, data and Artificial Intelligence have the potential to contribute $450-$500 billion to India’s GDP by 2025 and the healthcare sector is a significant beneficiary of the potential value add with a contribution of $25-$30 billion. In the post-COVID era, NASSCOM believes, Artificial Intelligence will be instrumental in timely epidemic outbreak prediction, remote diagnostics, and optimized health resource allocation.

In India, leading hospitals are already leveraging the technology for advanced use cases.

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