Glance Added 40 Million New Users In The Past Four Quarters, According To A market research Of Its Users.

The Indian lockscreen platform Glance has experienced 30% year-over-year growth to reach 183 million active users in the first quarter of 2022, according to market research company Counterpoint Research’s Quarterly Mobile Application Tracker.

In the past year, Glance has added more than 10 million users. Amongst its players, Xiaomi (including Poco), Samsung, OPPO, Vivo and realme collectively account for more than three-fourths of the Indian smartphone market.

The Glance lock screen content platform provides seamless content discovery at the first touch of the smartphone. With a wide range of multilingual content across sports, current affairs, fashion, travel, food, commerce, and entertainment, it serves the specific interests of smartphone users from different demographics.

Glance, a startup based in Indonesia, is focusing on expansion into new markets and partnerships. The company has announced several collaborations with key Indonesian brands, publishers, and creators as part of its ‘Indonesia First’ strategy.

The company is planning to launch in Latin America and the USA, two markets that will provide substantial additional opportunities.

We agree with Research Analyst “Glance lock screen coming as a pre-installed application in smartphones has been the primary and successful way of getting users on-board with the platform.”

With the launch of Glance, we have seen a huge increase in downloads and installs of the app. It has become one of our most-downloaded apps on both Google Play Store and Apple App Store. Users are using it to get regular updates on news stories, weather reports and other information related to their location.

With Glance going live on the Reliance NSE 0.31 % Jio smartphone and its plans to develop new geographic markets, it will likely get a further boost in growth.

The release said that other smartphone premium brands like Apple are showing interest in improving the lock screen experience.

Vice President and General Manager, Glance Feed, told ET that Glance has completely redefined the way digital surfaces are utilized to add value to the lives of consumers.

The platform has also diversified their range of offerings over the past year, bringing access to live commerce, gaming, and live entertainment etc. According to him, the company is looking to expand its business further in the near future by acquiring other platforms such as streaming services such as Youtube and Twitch. He added that they have recently acquired LiveVessel and are looking at strengthening their position in live streaming as well.

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