Research And Technology Transfer May Enrich Coffee Board’s Cup

According to top market research companies, the government is proposing to widen the ambit of the Coffee Board to include support for production, research, extension, and quality improvement, promotion of coffee and skill development of coffee growers in the country under a proposed bill.

It also provides for the Coffee Board to issue a one-time certificate of registration for any person who takes up curing of coffee (permanent).

The government is all set to introduce a bill that promotes the growth of coffee industry in India. It will also empower Coffee Board to create awareness about country’s reggens among consumers through campaigns.

The commerce and industry ministry had earlier this year suggested a repeal of Tea Act, 1953; Spices Board Act, 1986; Rubber Act 1947; and Coffee Act 1942. The move came amid concerns over the possibility of changes in the tax treatment of certain commodities would lead to a surge in imports.

The Coffee (Marketing) Act, 1987 was the first legislation in India promoting coffee cultivation and commercialization. The provisions of existing Coffee Act are regulatory and restrictive, focusing mainly on the marketing aspects but the proposed law provides for liberal provisions for ease of doing business,” said an official working at the Indian Coffee Board.

The board should have also focused on modern technology transfer to coffee growers, production improvement and promotion of Indian coffees in overseas markets.

The bill also envisages the protection of the interests of the labour working in plantations and processing factories and coffee communities, innovative products and good quality value added coffee on a par with international levels,” the official said.

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