Retail Media Design Realism

The planning and use of retail media is a key component in the delivery of shopper marketing campaigns.

Making your business go viral!

In-store Advertising

With the growing number of media channels and video display options, marketing in-store is now delivered using a variety of digital tools that make it more interesting for customers and more effective for marketers.

With these dramatic changes in the traditional retail model, retail marketing is even more critical than ever before. Brands count on marketing efforts not just for driving traffic and sales for products but also for developing brand recognition, customer loyalty, and perhaps, most importantly, increasing LTV.

Online Advertising

The primary advantage of using online channels to market a business or product is the ability to measure the impact of each channel, as well as how visitors acquired through different channels interact with a website or landing page.


Providing product samples also invites consumer feedback regarding the product. Consumers test new products and often keep tabs on what they love or hate about them, as well as compare them with their competitors' products.

Loyalty Cards / Vouchers / Coupons

Providing consumers with a product at a lower price than it would normally cost could have a significant impact on customer loyalty.